Côr Cochion Caerdydd (above) have released a single in support of Bradley Manning:

‘Not in my name’ – ‘Ddim yn enw fi’

Côr Cochion Caerdydd – Cardiff Reds Choir – performed at an event in support of Bradley Manning in Cardiff in April. (He is the soldier imprisoned for leaking huge amounts of information on US and UK government activities, including violations of international law, released on Wikileaks last year.) The choir has released a song for Brad with the profits going to his defence fund.

There are links to download sites and you can hear a clip from the song on the Tarw Du website and find out more about how to support this effort. A video to accompany the release will be out soon. The song's theme is to stop illegal wars being carried out in the names of our countries.

Profits from the sale of this single will go towards the legal defence case of Welsh-American ex-soldier Bradley Manning and thereafter to the international peace movement via CND Cymru. Bradley Manning has been detained without trial for over two years and is now facing a lengthy legal defence case and potential lifetime imprisonment for his whistle blowing acts on war crimes committed by the American army in Iraq. Blowing the whistle on war crimes is not a crime.

The single is also registered for Britain’s charts. You can also make a difference by lobbying your AM’s, MP’s and other political representatives to demand a stop to further illegal attacks and to call on those criminals guilty of war crimes to be impeached and brought to justice.

"Available from all good online stores," according to the promoters. Thanks to Tarw Du for this effort.