Farm Fundraiser for Palestine

On Saturday, 18 June 2011, the choir performed by invitation at a fundraiser to benefit Palestinian causes near Frome, south of Bath.

According to the organisers, “‘Too often all that people see of Palestine is the violence and the oppression they have to endure on a daily basis’, said a spokesman for Frome Friends of Palestine, who are organising the event. ‘We want to give people a taste of the country’s rich and ancient culture.’

Three Palestinian initiatives will benefit from the event. The Al-Qattan foundation are rebuilding the Gaza Music School after Israeli attack. The Villages Group help people to rebuild their communities after dispossession in the occupied West Bank. Gaza Youth Breaks Out is a youth organisation that wants to get beyond the sterile political choices offered by Hamas and Fatah.

About ten choir members, joined by a comrade in Bristol’s Red Notes, performed two sets to a very positive reception. Organiser Fleur Kelly wrote, “You were brilliant!! I loved your practising in the pigsty! It all ended in the Bar barn with amazing music and Shema dancing with the reduced audience keeping time clapping and shouting their enthusiasm till about 10.30pm

“The really good news is we raised about £1500 which will be divided between the 3 charities chosen.

“Many, many thanks,
“Love, Fleur”

There's a copy of the publicity poster, along with a picture of us practising below. Musical director Wendy Lewis actually conducted the rehearsal from the pigsty. The chickens in there looked bemused. At bottom are most of the choir members who attended. Couldn't get a picture of us performing because I was singing.